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You are what you consume. Rightly inspired input points you in the direction of your highest, best self.

If you want to attract good things in your life, you have to shape your life…

…with positive, empowering, compassionate thoughts.

Your heart is your own compass. You will know if input triggers intolerance, self-righteousness, criticism, anger. If it does, shut it down, turn it off, walk away.

Love, tolerance, forgiveness, patience …

Choosing these things takes mental strength, discipline, practice. The one thing you have the most influence over in your life…

…is your own mind.

Rightly inspired input will help you master your thoughts, and your life.

Recommended Podcasts/Reading/Meditations

What you put into your mind comes out in your life. Let your input (and output) be “high voltage”: positive, empowering, compassionate.

Happy, Joyous & Free!
Let’s Do This…

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