Hacks for Super Meditation

Put Your Meditation Practice on Rocket Fuel!
The stimulus from advanced audio technology triggers safe & powerful enhancements to your brain.

Through innovative audio technology, you can literally boost the results of your meditation time. Simply sit back, relax and listen. These special soundtracks use powerful brain “entrainment” sound-waves, and were developed to enhance the areas of your brain that create your results in life. Automatically.

From our trusted partners at iAwake Technologies

Profound Meditation Program

Foundational meditation program. The innovative, science-based iNET process embedded within the Profound Meditation Program interacts with your brainwaves and biofield to immerse you in deep states of meditation. $227
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From our trusted partners at iAwake Technologies

Audio Serenity

A Drug-Free Digital Vacation from Stress and Anxiety. A 61-minute suite of profoundly soothing and healing music, suited for extraordinary massage, deep relaxation, and effortless meditation. Activates the brain’s natural pain-killers, endogenous opiates. $37
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From our trusted partners at iAwake Technologies

Deep Recovery

From the Darkness of Addiction to the Happiness and Freedom of Deep Recovery. Deep Recovery  is a powerful brain entrainment meditation tool that can form an essential part of an ongoing spiritual and healing practice. Deep Recovery  consists of two 33-minute tracks of entrainment. The guided meditation takes you into the depths where healing and transformation happen. $37
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Here are just a few of the zillion benefits of simple meditation, which creates massive, physical improvements in your brain structure and creates profound awareness –and opportunities for better choices– in your consciousness.

  • Proper Use of Will (Power)
    Push-ups for your brain! Strengthen your executive function—the control center of your brain, where are great things begin.
  • Pause When Agitated
    Find the calm beauty of your inner center and live “in the sunshine of the spirit.” It’s easy to get there just by listening.
  • Restless, Irritable, Discontented?
    When you’re stressed out, reactionary, or overwhelmed, raise your threshold against stressors and all of life goes easier for you.
The audio technology boost your efforts
and gives you exponential results!

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Happy, Joyous & Free!
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