You’ve got to move. You just have to.
You’ve been walking since you were two years old. Don’t stop now! Photo Credit: Pixabay

Unless your a gym fanatic, marathon runner, or Olympic athlete, whatever you do for exercise right now … up it.

After you consult your doctor, of course.

That said, get thee to the mailbox! 

Or the street corner. Or the top of Machu Pichu. You know your limitations better than anyone. Unless you’re at the summit of your exercise abilities already, have a medical condition that requires you to spend all your free time on the couch, or are already in peak physical condition…

…it’s time to make a move!

Just do a little something extra. It’ll feel good. Then do it again tomorrow. There are about a zillion people more qualified than I to talk about movement and exercise, and you’ve already heard most of it anyway, but here’s something I know that you may not:

Walking outside is better for you than walking indoors.

When you walk on unpaved trail, for example, your brain will need to make massive micro-adjustments as you go. You can literally walk on a treadmill at the gym with your eyes closed and do just fine. But try that outdoors and you’re just asking for a face plant.

These million little adjustments your brain makes to your body–such as the pressure and angle of your footsteps, pace, balance, and other motor functions–stimulate the neural circuitry of your brain. 

Which is a very good thing. 

Navigating uneven terrain strengths your brain. So, unless you have a really good reason not to, get yourself outdoors and navigate some bumps and roots.

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Movement feeds your brain yummy oxygen. Since your brain runs on oxygenated glucose, giving it some air always a good idea.  

Happy, Joyous & Free!
Let’s Do This…

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