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From the Greater Mind treasure trove, and through our trusted affiliate partners, we have some super incredible free stuff to enhance your journey in recovery.

“Super Hero” Foods Cheat Sheet of food that can literally change the workings of your brain—calming, restoring, boosting, and protecting against cognitive decline.

You can choose foods that influence your moods before you go berserk and break out the Cheetos. Click here to download your Free Nutrition Cheat Sheet! (Note: you’ll have to login/join our tribe to access. Don’t worry! It’s FREE to join.)

6 Free Super-Meditation Soundtracks

Download all 6 of these soundtracks from iAwake Technologies FREE! Simply plug in your stereo headphones, sit back and relax. The meditation tracks will do the heavy lifting for you, nudging your brain to deep, transformative states through cutting-edge neuro-audio technology.

Note: You will have to supply iAwake Technologies with your email address in order to download the soundtracks

Get your free meditation soundtracks now!

BrainMD Supplements

If you’ve been struggling mentally or physically, you’re likely deficient in nutrients that nourish your brain and body. Take advantage of BrainMD’s awesome free-trial program and see how the right supplements can help you live a more fulfilling, better life.

Note: You will have to supply BrainMD with your email address in order to download the soundtracks.

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Join our 7 Hacks Facebook Tribe

“Go all the way in and sit all the way down.”

Don’t languish on the outskirts of recovery. Be willing to go to any length for sobriety.

You are cordially invited to join our Tribe on Facebook, for mutual support, encouragement and inspiration.

It isn’t free, but it’s cheap…and transformative

3-Day Super Detox Diet

You’re going to start feeling much better real soon! The Super Detox Diet is formulated with recovery in mind—full of super nutrients to restore depleted vitamins and minerals, flush toxins, and help you through the shakes, headaches and cravings you experience in early recovery.

The book includes 14 easy, delicious recipes — for revitalizing meals, snacks and drinks — that focus on hydration, energy, and restoring depleted supplies of essential vitamins and minerals in your body and brain. And they ramp up your spirits in the process. You also get a Cheat Sheet of Super Detox Ingredients that includes the restorative properties of each, a Shopping List, and encouragement along the way.

Get it now for only $3.99! Get it here.

Join our Tribe! Alcoholism/addiction is a dark, solitary journey. But you don’t have to navigate sobriety alone. Just click here to join the Greater Mind tribe.

Happy, Joyous & Free!
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