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If your brain isn’t firing the way you want it to, you’re going to need to fuel it better. The quickest, easiest way to boost your brain is with natural supplements

Important Note: I cannot and will not give anyone any medical or psychiatric advice. I can only share what has worked for me. I urge you to consult a trusted medical professional before jumping into any new diet, exercise or supplement regime.

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The right supplements can “right the ship” so that you can slow down the hamster wheel, rein in dramatic mood swings, and engage your greater mind.

Supplements can also provide on-going brain maintenance, with housekeeping and janitorial services that help keep bust bunnies from clogging up your neural pathways (and keep you looping in negative thoughts and feelings).

Personal Story: When I found myself looping in negative thoughts and vacillating from rage to despair, my naturopathic doctor recommended the supplements listed below.

They worked miracles for me. I was able to calm down long enough to CHOOSE higher, better responses to outside circumstances, as well as the thoughts and feelings inside my own mind.

Supplements can be the “oxygen mask” of a mind
in a rapid, uncontrolled descent.

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