Restore and Revitalize Your Body, Brain & Spirit
Set yourself up to succeed in recovery and in life with cleansing, restorative, revitalizing food and juice plans.

A good flushing; just what you need! You went to extraordinary lengths to feed your addiction. To what lengths will you go to feed your recovery?

When you “clean the pipes” and make decisions to put good, restorative food and beverages in your body, your health skyrockets … and so does your self-esteem.

Psst! Not just for addicts. Hit the RESTART button on the toll that loss, grief, and trauma has on your body and brain.

Set Yourself Up to SUCCEED In Recovery & In Life
Revitalizing and restorative food guide, recipes and meal plan from Greater Mind

Eat Yourself Sober: 3-Day Super Detox Diet

You’re going to start feeling much better real soon! The Super Detox Diet is formulated with recovery in mind—full of super nutrients to restore depleted vitamins and minerals, flush toxins, and help you through the shakes, headaches and cravings you experience in early recovery. Get it here.

From our trusted partners at BrainMD

Neuro Greens Superfood

This scientifically designed greens – and multi-colored fruits, vegetables, algae, mushrooms, and fiber – formula features a diversity of superfoods proven to benefit the brain, immune system, and entire body. $33.95
Get it here.

From our trusted partners at BrainMD

Craving Control

Anyone who has ever tried to make better choices knows all too well how cravings can sabotage the best intentions. Craving Control contains all-natural ingredients that help to calm the craving centers in our brain, balance blood sugar and promotes a positive mood. $44.95
Get it here.

In recovery, you’ll be “clearing away the wreckage of your past.” It will take stamina and self esteem. Power your body, brain and spirit by detoxing and cleansing your system, through and through.

Note: A body and brain under the influence of stress, despair, or trauma is as upside down as one that’s been pumped with booze and/or drugs for years on end.

Join our Tribe! Alcoholism/addiction is a dark, solitary journey. But you don’t have to navigate sobriety alone. Just click here to join the Greater Mind tribe.

Happy, Joyous & Free!
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