The Gordian Knot, Regret & You

End the Stranglehold of Shame. Here’s how… Shame sits hard on an alcoholic. It casts shadows on our sense of worth. It follows us almost of its own volition. But shame is a choice. Overcome the downward spiral of rumination and self-recrimination, and choose compassion and esteem instead. Here’s how: We’ll start with a taleContinue reading “The Gordian Knot, Regret & You”

Train Your Brain to Pause and Choose Better…Automatically

The best amends and the most important apologies are the ones you don’t have to make. This blogcast explores the power of choice, how to have more of it, and how to use it—especially when you’re about to tip over, speak harshly, or do something regrettable. Recovery tells us to “pause when agitated or doubtful.”Continue reading “Train Your Brain to Pause and Choose Better…Automatically”

My Mind Races When I Meditate. Help!

One of the most certain killers of a meditation practice is this common complaint: “I can’t stop my mind.” Well, yeah. That’s the whole point. No one can completely stop his or her thoughts, not even experienced meditators, let alone those of us new to the practice. Think of meditation as doing pushups for yourContinue reading “My Mind Races When I Meditate. Help!”