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When you’re in stress, anxiety, grief, or addiction recovery, moderation isn’t on the top of your list. At a deep subconscious level, you’re more concerned with survival.

You find comfort whenever, wherever, and however you can.

While you can’t really “eat yourself happy,” you can choose foods that support – instead of sabotage – your mental and emotional states.

Brain foods aren’t all bulgur wheat and kale. I’m talking about coffee and chocolate. And berries. And almonds…

In fact, I recently found 30 foods that actually boost your mood. They support brain function, boost neurotransmitters, soothe stress, and support your nervous system. When you get in the groove of eating “good mood food,” you…

set yourself up for a cycle of high energy, natural dopamine, clear thinking and healthier choices.

Right now you’re thinking, “Ew, bulgur wheat and kale. Forget it.” Not so fast! I’m talking about coffee and chocolate. And berries. And almonds. Yep. So stay tuned! In the meantime…

I get it. We love our comfort food! Usually chips, pasta and ice cream, we let ourselves eat mindlessly when we’re sad, cold, cranky or otherwise tipped over. For starters, we don’t have to let our moods determine what we eat.

30 foods in the Super Hero Cheat Sheet support brain function, boost neurotransmitters, soothe stress, & support your nervous system.

When I gave up drinking, for example, I let myself “take my comfort” with ice cream for breakfast and chips & dip any time I felt like it. And pasta? Don’t even talk to me about carbs, weight gain or inflammation. Bring on the cheesy scalloped potatoes! Yeah. No self-discipline whatsoever. It’s a slippery slope.

But what I really want to do today is give you a Super Hero Cheat Sheet of food that can literally change the workings of your brain—calming, restoring, boosting, and protecting against cognitive decline.

You can choose foods that influence your moods before you go berserk and break out the Cheetos. So, wait no longer.

And while kale made the list, so did coffee. And dark chocolate. There’s yumness all over this list and even making one small change (oatmeal for breakfast, or one serving of – yes, I’ll say it – leafy greens a day) can set you on a better path.

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Eat to Succeed in Sobriety

If you, or someone you know, is struggling in sobriety, consider eating yourself through the roughest days…with food and beverages that help flush toxins and restore vital nutrients.

The 3-Day Super Detox Diet will also help you through headaches, shakes & cravings. Get it here.

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