My Mind Races When I Meditate. Help!

One of the most certain killers of a meditation practice is this common complaint: “I can’t stop my mind.” Well, yeah. That’s the whole point. No one can completely stop his or her thoughts, not even experienced meditators, let alone those of us new to the practice. Think of meditation as doing pushups for your brain. You don’t walk into a gym for the first time and expect to bench press 500 pounds on the spot, right? So why would you expect your brain to have the “muscles” to quiet itself on the first “sit.” Or the first 100 sits.

If you approach meditation with the notion that you’ll instantly be able to clear your mind of all thoughts, feelings and distractions, you’re setting yourself up to get discouraged. With enough discouragement, sooner or later, you’ll throw in the towel.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

The benefits of meditation are massive. The more you practice meditation, the greater your awareness becomes, and the greater your ability to be mindful (and in control of) your thoughts, feelings and actions. 

In short, mindfulness is the key to mastering your health, wealth and relationships. (Basically your whole life.)

Nothing helps regulate your emotions and reactions more than mindfulness. Nothing. No. Thing. For personal mastery, meditation is the most powerful tool in the world.

I won’t lie to you. A meditation practice is hard. It’s takes discipline. But the payoffs are enormous.

No one can take this journey for you. There’s no pill, no quick fix. You’ve got to do the “sits.” But the sits don’t have to be grueling. You don’t need to twist into a lotus position for hours on end. (I meditate on the couch, with headphones and special soundtracks that magnify my experience.) You can, too. Learn how to optimize your meditation practice with powerful audio technology, here, on the Super Meditation page.

If you’re having trouble slowing down your thoughts, then you know you’re on the right path! This is exactly why we meditate in the first place: to literally re-wire and strengthen the executive control center of our brains (the prefrontal cortex). In doing this, we create space in our minds to rise above negative thoughts, feelings and actions, and make better choices.

Remember, your every thought, feeling and action carves out the living map your life. Navigate purposefully.

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