7 Hacks to Super-Recover from Addiction & Relapse


Mindfulness is the key to elevating all your thoughts, feelings & actions. And your results. [More…]


Boost your brain power, energize your body, and stabilize your mood, naturally. Holistic supplements are instant game changers. [More…]


Required for extraordinary living: Regular, restful & restorative sleep. Revitalize your brain and your life, every day. [More…]


You were born to connect. Find your tribe and invest in a network worthy of your greater mind and heart. [More…]

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‘Round the block, through the park, or up the mountain, you have got to move your body. [More…]

Super Brain Foods

What you eat affects your moods and your behavior. Feed your brain the vital nourishment it needs and super-charge your life. [More…]

Inspired Input

What you put into your mind comes out in your life. Let your input (and output) be “high voltage”: Inspired, Godly, enlightened, of good character and quality. [More…]

Mind Hack BlogCast

What you put into your mind and your body determines your thoughts, feelings & actions, and creates the outcomes of your life. Get this week’s dose of goodness, insights and inspiration for better living. [More…]

The Mind/Brain/Life Connection

“Your every thought, feeling and action carves out the living map of your life. Navigate purposefully.” ~Kyla M.

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Previously a lifestyle magazine publisher/editor/writer, Kyla never met an adventure (or a glass of wine) she didn’t love. She left the days of wine behind, in favor of recovery, brain science, and adventures of a “greater” sort.

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